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ویژه برای اسکریپت تاکی ها - 10 دامنه رایگان .ir + هاست رایگان + پنل اس ام اس رایگان


پست های پیشنهاد شده

با تشکر از شرکت ابری دی برای اراوه همچین خدمتی

شرکت ابری دی در انجمن ما چنین نوشت



ضمن تشکر از تیم مدیریت اسکریپت تاک که به ما این موقعیت دادن تا بنتونیم هدایایه ویژه برای کاربران این انجمن فراهم کنیم.


تیم ما یعنی ابری دی برای کاربران این انجمن 10 دامنه رایگان ای ار همراه با هاست و پنل پیامکی برای شما عزیزان در نظر گرفته است.


کد تخفیف : این کد سه شنبه در

این تایپیک

قرار خواهد گرفت.



با این کد تخفیف می توانید از سرویس های زیر به صورت رایگان استفاده کنید


+ثبت دامنه ای ار رایگان ( یک سال )

+هاست میزبانی پربازدید

+پنل اس ام اس رایگان


ارتباط با ابری دی:

07132262659 - 09217221360


با تشکر فراوان از

ابری دی

سلام امروز بدون هیچ محدودیتی و فقط با داشتن 1 پست در انجمن شامل دامنه و هاست رایگان شوید

کد تخفیف در انجمن قرار گرفت دوستان میتونن استفاده کنن

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Jenika however I told her that she needed to stay behind to help me clean up and fix the major stuff. Lori and Sandy stood still - staring @ me with their puppy dog eyes ... I turned to them and said one thing.Do you want to stay or go home and get rest ? Make the choice - but either way I plan on relaxing a bit and then getting this shit hole cleaned up.I walked over to the door and opened it - quietly the two older girls stepped out onto the step and into the dark.I closed the door and walked over to the bed lying in the middle of the floor - popped it up on its side and...

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..the next day me and harvey woke up about 7ish in the morning and got into the shower we was kissing against the wall (my back was really cold lol) we had something to eat and some coffee and i had a ciggarrete so are day went on and we both got dressed into are tuxes and harvey looked really hot in it i got a call on my cell and was told are limo was at the enterance of the apartments so me and harvey went down too the enterance and got in when we arrive at the formal dance we was greeted and we went in when we went into the main area harvey wispered in my ear "its really posh here...

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I've been working at a marina in the town I lived in. I also worked at the gas station my grandma owned. My family and and some family friends were all at my grandma's house. I just got my truck so I loved driving everywhere. We realized we were running out of beer and ice. The store was closed but they gave me a key to it so i could get the beer and ice. I drove up there in my truck blasting some music. I opened up and turned on the lights and went on getting what I needed. A girl walked in as I was about to turn off the lights. She was really pretty. About 5'6", thin, blonde hair that was a...

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As she pulled out the bodice and lifted, she felt her breasts fall from its support.She had decided to forgo a bra today.Lifting the dress up, she pulled it over her head and slowly tossed it to the floor next to the desk.She stepped back on her heels to lean on his desk allowing him a full view. "Like what you see?"His eyes shot up to hers."I do."His voice sounded thicker, deeper.His big hands reached out to grab her hips, his fingers digging into her skin. "Do I get to see you?"He smiled, taking his hands away from her.He sat back as his hands went for the buttons on his shirt...

Laura asked me if I would like to stay for the night. Since I was tired, I said yes. We got up the next morning and talked about our encounter. I asked her if she had a good time. Laura said "It was fun. I liked you behind me and me sucking Joe. I just wish he was hard when I was sucking him. " I asked her what she thought about Darlene playing with her tits and pussy. She said that it was exciting. She said "If that happens again, can I suck your cock?" I said "Sure." We went to the next meet and greet. Darlene and Joe were not there. Vicky and Robin were not there either. We chatted with a...

She slid her finger gently up inside my ass hole taking me over the top. I grabbed and held onto the toilet seat as my hips bucked forward again and again blasting cum down Lulu’s throat. She hoovered the lot without blinking and winked at me when my orgasm was complete.“Good, good boy” she said again. She pulled down her skirt as I got up and got myself together then said “Come, I want you to meet some friends”“Oh okay” I said without really hearing what she had said.We arrived back at the bar where I was originally sitting and on either side of mine and Lulu’s seats were two of her...

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“We miss you around her Lajita, you and Dalip,” He says breaking the hug and shaking the man’s hand. “Is this your new hand,” the woman, Lajita, asks looking at me. They introduce me but neither shakes my hand or do anything but extend basic pleasantries. Guy motions me to go shower and clean up. I’m clean and dressed even passing Natsuko on my way to the living room as she is getting ready to head out. I don’t pay attention but once in the living room I see that everyone is getting ready to leave as Rachael pulls me aside to talk. “Hey we’re all going out and while Lajita has a...

" I rubbed my fingers around her folds and then shoved a finger up her cunt. She is so wet that it easily slides in. I laugh. " I know what you need Melissa. I've always known." I lowered my head and licked her cunt lips. She can't stop the moaning or the way her hips move to get closer to my lapping tongue. I licked her cunt while pumping two fingers inside of her. She grabbed my hair pulling me closer to her wet cunt. I laughed and continued to work her body, giving her what she didn't even know she had been craving. I pull away, my face wet with her juices. I lower my wet finger to her ass...

I followed him to his house a few minutes away.He let me into his house and then followed and closed to door behind him.When I turned to look at him, the look in his eyes said all that needed to be said.We walked towards each other and fell against each other.The next few minutes were a blur as our tongues and lips tangled with the others and cloths started being removed.He was down to his boxers and I was naked when I took a step back and looked at him.He reached for the waistband of his shorts and I stopped him.Stepping back close to him, I hooked my thumbs in the band and started to...

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.." I grunted as I thrust, " let me have what I want, everything will be fine. Now let's break you in." With another grunt I finally bottom out in her, the friction burning in the walls of her shocked cunt, spreading her wide with what feels to her like an unbelievable girth as she feels my balls resting against her ass. Terrified and still too stunned to speak, she whimpers. The hand over her mouth retreats, slapping her hard on the ass, and then commanded, " Now, just do as I say and everything will be fine. Milk me. Come on, squeeze me with that tight, sweet small cunt. I want to feel...

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"And just who the hell are you!?" George asked."I'm George Flinn, the owner of this place... I mean tenant... Ooh, whatever, I'm the guy who lives here!" George's duplicate replied."This too weird." George though aloud, taking a moment to take in what was currently happening. His duplicate took this as a sign that continuing to be freaked out wasn't getting anywhere, and took a deep breath."Yeah, I know." He said."I mean, how is this even happening?" George asked."I don't know. One second I'm waking out the bathroom, the next, I see another me walking out of it." George's...

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